Teaneck Project

Our First Home – A Modular Home: A blog about our experience with building our dream house.

I am a firm believer in the power of modular homes – they add so much value, freedom and flexibility to the landscape, and they are becoming more popular as the years go by as home owners re-imagine the home building process.

With all the quality construction materials available, it seems that each new home build exceeds our expectations. LDM Homes was created to provide our customers with a North American source for superbly engineered and finished modular homes.

We’d had our own fair share of concerns starting out when going down the path of building a new home. So we can completely relate to our clients. We were once young, naïve and had lots to learn. Getting the home you’ve always dreamed of can be full of stress. Finding the right house in the location you want can feel like an impossible task. When you actually think about building a new home the pressure only increases!

We built a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom colonial. It was our dream home and we were just starting to grow our family. Little did we know years later we would be the proud owners of LDM Homes, helping people bring their dream homes to reality.

Re-imagine new home construction that is affordable without compromising quality with LDM Homes. To learn more check-out our 6-step process here.