Modular Custom over Stick Built

Why the modular custom home is appealing to the masses.

  1. VALUE
  2. TIME

It’s no secret, you can build a modular home much faster than a stick built. Once we get the green light from our client, it takes 3 months for your house to be built. That’s right, you read correctly, no need to wipe those glasses.

We work with industry leaders and 100% of all our modular homes will be built following a prescribed energy efficiency protocol at the plant level and labeled as Quality Confirmed Builds.

We are all concerned about the future of our environment as well as the high cost of energy. With Andersen low E windows, R-19 wall insulation, and Tyvek house wrap in our standard specs, you can be sure you are buying an energy efficient home.

Modular home construction is more cost effective than conventional “stick built” homes. The quality controlled environment during the construction of your new home and the efficient use of labor and materials results in big savings for the modular home buyer. Costly delays caused by weather or contractors not performing up to your standards are greatly reduced by choosing modular construction. Our Customers typically save 25% to 30% or more when choosing modular homes over a stick built one.