Custom Modular Homes


The Consultation

During our first phone conversation, we will share our home building process while answering all your questions. We will also discuss a home plan, lot size and budget to ensure we are the best match for your project.


The Design

We have a collection of model and floor plans to choose from. We also work with you to customize these floor plans to fit the specific needs of our homeowners.


Order Your Home

Once your financing, design and permits are approved, the order is placed for your custom modular home.


House Delivery & Setting

The big day is here, your house will be delivered and set on your foundation. 

Why Choose Modular?

QUALITY- The construction of your home will be performed in a controlled environment free from problems caused by rain, snow, wind, and other weather-related conditions that can cause long and costly delays in site built construction. Your home will be built in a modern, state of the art facility by skilled craftsmen using only the finest materials. The combination of precision engineered construction and quality controlled inspections though all phases of the construction process ensures that your home will be built to your satisfaction.

VALUE- Modular home construction is more cost effective than conventional “stick built” homes. The quality controlled environment during the construction of your new home and the efficient use of labor and materials results in big savings for the modular home buyer. Costly delays caused by weather or contractors not performing up to your standards are greatly reduced by choosing modular construction. Our Customers typically save 25% to 30% or more when choosing modular homes over a stick built one.

TIME- Modular construction saves you time. Delays caused by on-site construction and contractors are greatly reduced. While your home is being built, your building site is being prepared and your foundation is being built. In most cases, your home can be weather tight and 70%-80% complete within 24 hours of delivery to your site. Your new home can be ready for occupancy in a matter of weeks. Reducing the construction time period also saves you money on financing costs and living expenses. It will also help to make your building experience much more enjoyable and a much less stressful endeavor.

SELECTION- Once thought to be limited, modular construction now offers home buyers hundreds of floor plans and design options to choose from. Whether you are interested in a 1000 square foot starter or retirement home or a 10,000 square foot palatial estate, you have the flexibility of starting with any of our beautiful home plans and custom designing them to meet your requirements. Or, we will work with you on your own plans and designs to create the unique home of your dreams!

ENERGY STAR AND BUILDING GREEN- Today we are all concerned about the future of our environment as well as the high cost of energy. With Andersen low E windows, R-19 wall insulation, and Tyvek house wrap in our standard specs, you can be sure you are buying an energy efficient home. Ask us about the Energy Star partnership and how to get your home Energy Star certified.

Building “Green” starts with the efficient use of labor and materials in the building process and incorporating modern technologies in energy conservation and renewable resources into your home. We are excited to take part in these programs by building homes that use less energy and reduce our customers’ utility bills for years to come.